Bad Wolf


Bad Wolf’s main motivation has always been Wales and when Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner founded the business in 2015, it was built on the knowledge that Wales had something special to share with the world namely its capacity to host, crew and produce some of the best TV drama seen in recent years.

Success Factor

The uniqueness of Bad Wolf is its location not only with its access to excellent crew but also shooting locations that are in such easy reach of the main studio and head office. It is also this uniqueness that has allowed Bad Wolf to realise new opportunities which may not have been discovered in more mainstream locations. Wales, with its talented, energised and down to earth people, its wonderful spaces and locations was the major motivation for starting the business. Wolf Studios Wales has become a creative hub for many businesses including Painting Practice and Technicolor which allows Bad Wolf access to highly skilled individuals sourced from the local Welsh talent pool. Screen Alliance Wales has also helped Bad Wolf to provide training schemes and work experience to grow members of the crew and train young people for the future so that growth is not just fast but sustainable and continued.

The Future

To deliver its ambitious plans, Bad Wolf will need to increase resources in a focused and targeted way to ensure small experienced teams can deliver outputs against key projects. The Bad Wolf slate aims to have faster and higher recoupment where rights can be retained by the business so it can deliver to partners that want shows that are high budget, global and of scale whilst, at the same time, delivering long term income through productions that Bad Wolf controls rights. It will continue to develop shows for a global marketplace that are made in Wales and as increasing resources will require the recruitment of experienced senior TV production executives to re-locate to Cardiff, this will further develop the industry in Wales as a whole.