The founder Darren Thompstone started as a labourer on a building site and his initial motivation was to earn more money through starting the business. However, as time has moved on, Darren has focused on developing a sustainable business with a great ethos.

Success Factor

The key success factors for Trueform include realising opportunities and grabbing them with both hands whilst ensuring that it does not overtrade but by focusing on profit rather than turnover. It is also an expert in providing high quality, cost effective precast concrete manufacturing at its facility in Pembrokeshire which allows more rigorous quality control to be exercised over individual pieces as well as having the ability to design, manufacture and supply bespoke pieces. Clients have included the MOD, Bam Nuttal, TRJ, Valero, EP, and Costain and Trueform offers the highest quality concrete components at very competitive prices, always working closely with clients to find the best solution for any situation.

The Future

Trueform aims to focus on steady organic growth over the next few years whilst always scanning the horizon for opportunities. It will also be investing in a concrete production and recycling plant.