Team Metalogic


Mike Parfitt started the business one year after graduating because he could not find work and was already being asked to fix PCs and networks for local small businesses. There was a gap in the market at the time which would later be filled by what are now deemed ‘managed services providers’ but then there was just Mike, a mobile phone and a laptop.

Success Factor

The business has grown due to the increased popularity of outsourcing and over the last ten years, the ‘managed services provider’ has become mainstream as has the outsourcing of business functions such as IT, accounting and HR. Team Metalogic has emphasised the excellence of service delivery and leading the way in response times and customer satisfaction. By putting itself forward as a strategic partner for IT, it has worked hard to build trust and understanding with clients so that it can become a strategic partner for IT and telecommunications, leading innovation and enabling mutual growth and success.

The Future

In the future, it will focus on emerging technologies, security and zero-trust models whilst investing in its people, ongoing training and systems development to ensure Team Metalogic continues to be the best it can be.