In starting the business, the key motivation for founder Scott Morgan was to fill the gap he saw in the market for providing a knowledgeable service to the fitness sector and to support the increasing demand for sports nutrition products as the growth in gym membership increased.

Success Factor

A key factor in the firm’s growth has been identifying the potential in protein-based products and latent growth in the fitness sector, particularly for the significantly growing gym membership in the UK and Nutrivend was the first to get ahead of any potential competition in a substantial service offering. Scott also identified and developed strong business partnerships with both the market leading nutrition product suppliers and gym chains who shared Nutrivend’s vision, foresight and potential for growth.

The Future

For the future, the business will continue organic growth with the fully managed vending service adding further gym chains to Nutrivend’s customer base. It will also look to significantly expand its wholesale offering in the sports nutrition marketplace and establish long term partnering with sports nutrition product suppliers as their distributor of choice. Finally, it aims to lead the sector with innovative solutions and improved software and systems to enhance customer experience.