JLI Trading


Founded by Jack Lear, the business developed new costumes to be on trend with the latest crazes with excitement being the main driving force, especially the challenge of testing new markets and exploring them.

Success Factor

It has grown through its ability to sell online, having a young and tech savvy team, and through investments from its funders such as the Development Bank of Wales.

The Future

Obviously COVID-19 has affected its business hugely as it is a costume company and these products are usually bought for events such as parties which have diminished over the past few months. As a result, the business has diversified into launching an ecommerce retail site for household and everyday products called BargainFox.com. This is an online retailer for discounted products and the aim is to enter those industries that are resilient in the face of COVID-19 or another pandemic. It draws on much of the experience that Jack has gained from running Bodysocks but its reach is much more ambitious and the workforce has already increased from 8 to 33 people with an expected turnover of £2.5m.