Consumer Helpline


The main motivations for starting The Consumer Helpline was due to the senior management having a lot of experience working in the telecommunications industry and utilities sector. As a result, a key ambition when starting The Consumer Helpline was to offer all employees a chance of a stable working environment which believed in coaching and mentoring to improve performance and give employees the chance of progression. During the first three years there was many challenges the business faced, a main challenge the business faced was a client ceasing trading leaving the business to find other clients in order to avoid job losses. It was able to overcome these challenges and made the business stronger over the long term and due its growing reputation, it now has plenty of clients who are looking to work with the business, thus creating stability for its operations.

Success Factor

The Consumer Helpline has built good relationships with account and senior managers from a range of different energy suppliers allowing the business to increase its successful campaigns. Through slow and steady growth, money has been reinvesting into training and development in order to improve performance and staff progression. It has also had successful campaigns for many energy suppliers leading to more suppliers wanting to work with the business.

The Future

Over the next five years, the plans for The Consumer Helpline is to open a second site in South Wales, be recognised as expert leaders within the telesales and utilities industry and become one of the biggest employers in the region.