Vetro Recruitment


The founders felt that the previous business they worked for (a multinational recruitment company), was driven by delivering to its shareholders no matter the cost to the sectors supported. Profit was the only driver and this would at times be to the detriment of their clients, the people they support, the agency workers and the recruitment consultants within the business. As a result, they wanted to create a company that mirrored their strong values within the sectors they operate in and to create a company that has a culture of honesty and transparency at its centre. The founders faced a number of challenges when they started the business including having to learn a whole new host of skills for their new roles in running the firm, managing cashflow and getting value for money to keep costs low so that limited cash reserves could be spent in areas that they knew would grow the business - their people.

Success Factor

Both founding directors have a combined twenty seven years of recruitment experience and had complementary skills sets with one being more operationally focussed and the other being more sales focused in the early days of the business. It was also important to get staff to buy into the firm’s “Why” so they have employed people who share their vision of what good recruitment looks like and where the sector is going. As a result, they have created a network of good people in a relatively short period of time and have hired people that are ambitious and want to be part of a business that reflects how they think and feel. Vetro Recruitment invests heavily in developing all the team and make sure work is fun.

The Future

Vetro Recruitment has ambitious plans over the next five years that will focus on remaining specialists within the sectors they operate within but expanding its geographical footprint by initially opening offices in Bristol and Sheffield and then increasing its headcount to sixty staff and eight billing offices across the UK. It is also looking to be appointed to the NHS framework for Wales and the rest of the UK and will employ a team or welsh speaking consultants to deliver services across Wales.