Pancake World


Loic Moinon started the business so that he and fellow caterers could find everything ‘under one roof’. He also wanted to build a community of crepe makers, whilst sourcing the best equipment and ingredients at the best possible price. The main challenge faced since the business started in 2013 was the ability to adapt rapidly to changing consuming habits, forcing the business to find better packaging solutions for shipments, but also to diversify the range of goods it offers.

Success Factor

The three main success factors for the business are the ‘niche’ character of the industry, the rapid growth of the dessert and coffee shop sector and the launch of its pioneering ‘starter kits’ and training courses.

The Future

Over the next few years, Pancake World aims to work on consolidating existing partnerships with customers but also in securing new deals with regional/national distributors such as Castell Howell or Booker. It will also build and operate a much larger bespoke training studio in the Vale of Glamorgan, launch a series of new training modules including pizza, vegetarian/vegan and bread making courses, and diversify into offering a complete ‘coffee turn key’ solution including training and supply.