LEB Construction


In early 2009, when the founder Luke Baker set up his own business, he realised that there was a shortage or carpenters in the Aberystwyth area and as he always wanted to further his career, what better way than by starting your own company. For the first few years, the biggest challenges where keeping in control of cash flow and increasing working capital as there were no external investors of funding so this made things very tight at times.

Success Factor

In 2015, LEB Construction tendered for the Ceredigion Minor Works Framework which it was extremely successful in gaining the first rank position this allowed it to tender for new clients’ projects. A portion of the work was direct award this enabled the founder to take on more staff serving the reactive works. A deliberate effort has been made to grow the company after identifying the lack of qualified, competent and accredited contractors in the area and recruiting more staff has enabled the company to grow.

The Future

LEB Construction wants to further strengthen its supply chain, recruit more apprentices, tradespeople and strengthen its management structure. It is projecting a turnover of £5million within five years.