Freight Logistics Solutions


Like many new business founders, the directors of FLS are driven by the desire to have their own business, that they run, control and receive the satisfaction of success from. After uncovering their business opportunity and identifying how sustainable and scalable it could be, they were so excited by it that they literally couldn’t rest until they had given up everything else they were involved with, rented a small office space and gave it a good go. The founders were highly motivated to self-fund the business which created a major challenge. It has been hard work and careful cashflow management that has helped them sustain this situation to date. It has also been challenging for FLS to create quality, trusted relationships with subcontractors without having contracts of their own in place so they could offer regular work. Finally, the creation of the right team has been challenging as they were in new business territory and could find no one who was already doing the roles they were creating.

Success Factor

The decision of when to launch the business was tied to the UK’s European Referendum result. If the UK voted to leave, the founders would launch straight away to make sure FLS was at full speed by the UKs exit date. This would help to fill the void already identified in the logistics sector and develop a motivated and skilled workforce to support manufacturers with all their newly introduced import and export customs issues.

The Future

FLS will invest in operations technology and expanding its client portal tracking abilities, opening multiply UK hubs to expand and replicating its offer regionally. It will also open and develop its first European hub, doubling its team size and occupied office space, expanding its contracted onsite solutions across clients throughout the UK. Finally, it will extend its list of services to the transport sector and invest in staff, training, and apprenticeship programme.