Welsh Power Group (Cardiff)


The most recent stage of the company's history began in 2011 when the company was taken private in a management buy out. Having undergone a significant restructuring in 2009, the management team were determined to build a successful and profitable energy business headquartered in Wales, controlling its destiny and driving sustainable growth for the business. Over the past three years Welsh Power, has in conjunction with its financial partner, delivered investment of over £200m in a new portfolio of flexible power plants creating highly skilled jobs for its growing workforce and in the wider supply chain in Wales and beyond. In 2018, the company completed the latest milestone in its journey by joining a growing band of well established employee owned businesses. This has provided the company with a stable long term ownership model, protecting its culture and providing employees with an opportunity to share in the success and growth of the company.

Success Factor

The founders of the business have worked hard to reposition the business in a rapidly changing industry. By being innovative, proactive and persistent they have used their depth of knowledge of the market to drive the continued growth of the business. By looking ahead, and keeping up to date with an ever changing regulatory environment, the business is able to adapt and step up to the challenges this brings. Recruitment of talented, hard working staff who also want to see the business succeed and grow, ahs boosted the business along with the open management style which enables staff to make the necessary decisions to effectively deliver on projects. Finally, Welsh Power is partnering with the best in the industry to ensure that every part of the service delivery is of the highest standard.

The Future

The company is determined to build on the strong established foundations of the business and has ambitious plans to continue the growth of the business by expanding the capacity under management and by increasing the breadth of services being offered.