Treharne Automotive Engineering Ltd (Llanelli)


Treharne Automotive was established in 2008 by Jason and Clare Treharne who have come from engineering and management backgrounds and together bring a wealth of experience in the automotive sector. After living in the Midlands for 10 years, both had successful stable careers established but after both growing up in South West Wales neither could resist the call of home and both knew that they wanted to be back in Wales before starting a family. The start up and first year was tough going, with Jason commuting to the Midlands for work and to establish a client base for the new business. Clare was in Wales managing the build of their home with the imminent arrival of their first child. Finally it started to come together, premises were founds, graduates were employed and the first purchase order came through. A few months down the line and the 2008 financial crisis hit. As with many other businesses, they both thought the firm would fail as OEM clients cit costs and made redundancies. However, being a small, young company meant they could respond quicker and more cost effectively then many larger rivals, and this kept work coming their way until they built up the reputation they have today for technical expertise, flexibility and commitment to customer need.

Success Factor

Treharne Automotive Engineering is able to react quickly to clients’ needs giving the company an edge over the competition. It has also has been proficient in anticipating the changing developments of the automotive industry, thus keeping ahead of the market in the services and tools developed. However, the main contributing factor to Treharne Automotive Engineering’s growth are the fantastic members of staff and the founders believe that you should never underestimate the importance of recruiting and retaining competent, reliable, resourceful and loyal members of staff. A business is only as good as those working within it and Treharne Automotive Engineering will always give staff members the opportunity to develop and advance.

The Future

Over the next five years the company is focusing on developing the ability to design and manufacture all products to a prototype level in-house. This will dramatically reduce cost, increase efficiency and reduce the reliance on external companies. Treharne Automotive is also committing to becoming market leaders in research and development for diagnostic equipment relating to all areas of electric vehicles. Finally, expansion into recycling and repurposing of EV batteries in order to support the growth in renewable energy use and storage will take the company into a completely new area of business where it sees exciting opportunities.