Tir Prince Leisure Group (Abergele)


Tir Prince Leisure Group was founded in 1989 when the late Billy Williams opened a harness racing track in Towyn North Wales although the Williams family history in the family entertainment and leisure industry actually goes back to the 19th century. Following his father’s death in 2002, Adam Williams took over as managing director and under his stewardship, the Group has grown steadily and successfully. A significant purchase was the acquisition of Llandudno Pier in May 2015 and it is widely acknowledged that Tir Prince Leisure Group is now a major player in the tourism industry in North Wales. This hasn't happened by coincidence and following many years of travelling the world with fairground rides, a conscious decision was made by Adam Williams to concentrate on North Wales. He put together a carefully chosen and tight knit team and the group has flourished to the extent that in 2017 it was named as the fastest growing company in North Wales. Major challenges faced during the first three years included trying to maintain enough cash flow to allow growth to continue and extending the holiday season into the winter months to keep income coming in and to keep as many of the workforce as possible in employment 12 months of the year.

Success Factor

The willingness to reinvest in the business this is demonstrated with the continued and ongoing investment in the latest family entertainment equipment to keep us at the forefront of the industry; the purchase of Llandudno Pier and the investment that has been made in the attraction since; and a belief that North Wales is the best place for the business to operate which means the group is unwavering with its continued investment in the region.

The Future

The Tir Prince Group will continue grow its family entertainment centre business and Fun Factory brand by both identifying possible businesses that are in a good location (but struggling due to a lack of investment) and looking at completely. It also looking to move into the luxury restaurant business and is working with Conwy County Council to improve the winter offering in North Wales thereby expanding the shoulders of the season, as well as co-hosting more events with the local authorities such as Armed Forces Day, Wales Rally GB, and Llandudno Fireworks.