S3 Advertising (Cardiff)


In an industry obsessed with London agencies, Matt Jones’ motivation for starting S3 was simple: create an integrated, Welsh ad agency to put an end to this obsession. This is because having worked for some of advertising’s global giants as an Account Director, Matt realised that the big brands he was working with were bypassing Welsh agencies. Even Welsh, home-grown national brands were using London agencies. And because Wales didn’t have a truly disruptive, national agency that you would find in London, it meant of course that all the best talent was fleeing across the border never to return and therefore, so was the business. The challenge faced during the first three years, therefore, was to convince these big, national brands to put their trust in a relatively small, Welsh agency. However, using his trademark passion, enthusiasm and charm, Jones did just that and the rest, as they say, is history.

Success Factor

It’s Thursday, June 30th, 2011 and, in a small attic in Barry, Matt Jones has a vision. A vision for a truly integrated, Welsh advertising agency to take on the UK’s so-called heavyweights. A vision comprising three factors: talent, hunger and the need to take calculated risks. Three factors which, seven years later, have contributed massively to the business’ rapid growth. By putting talent first, Matt was able to recruit the industry’s finest individuals who, in turn, turned prospects into real clients. With a large dash of calculated risk taking thrown in along the way, he’s harnessed this talent whilst making brave business decisions; continuously winning more national clients, enjoying unrivalled growth and success in the process. But always remaining hungry for more.

The Future

In an industry that never sleeps, neither does the business’ growth. And, having spent the past seven years building a truly integrated service offering – as well as an enviable team, client roster, culture and office – S3 Advertising now plans on spending the next five years using this model to attract global brands. Using the agency’s talent to execute multi-million-pound, fully integrated ad campaigns from under one roof, it’s time to shift the efforts into top gear. From Pepsi to PayPal, New York to New Delhi, S3 Advertising doesn’t see any reason as to why a Cardiff-based ad agency can’t win the business of big brands, wherever they might be in the world. Because, when it comes to fulfilling the true potential of S3 Advertising, they are putting pedal to the metal over the next five years showing the world that they are only just getting started.