Regis Healthcare (Ebbw Vale)


Having worked previously in a secure hospital, the founder Stephen Dyton-Thomas had always hoped to expand the business portfolio into healthcare as he was already well known in the social care field in Wales. He was motivated to provide a service in Wales that didn't already exist, was a needed resource and would help change the lives of the people of Wales. And as his family sold their house for enable him to open his first business, he always knew that he would need to prove that the sacrifice they made e was not in vain. The main business challenge at the start of the business was proving themselves in an industry in which they were unknown and it was a challenge to be the first Welsh low secure unit.

Success Factor

Regis Healthcare was fortunate in helping to bring back young people of Wales back from units in England, meaning that they could receive care near their families. The business was also able to demonstrate that it could provide a good standard of care and so built up relationships with NHS commissioners. Finally, it set clear goals of service development and expansion.

The Future

The main goal within Regis is firstly to continue to provide a great service and to ensure that service users are receiving the best care possible. It also aims to expand the business and to open and develop additional services where needed.