Pure Commercial Finance Ltd (Cardiff)


The founders identified a lack of competition in the market in 2013 and it felt like a good time to start a new kind of brokerage, one that could outmanoeuvre the existing providers and grow quickly. Due to the ongoing issues from the financial crisis and the complexities involved in sourcing and arranging non-standard finance, like development loans, Pure was started to offer a more customer focused brokerage and the business was set up with the differentiators of being truly whole-of-market and also to use technology to make its offering slicker than its rivals. The main challenge was a rise in competition as Pure was not the only firm to enter the market at this time. Competition is now a lot tougher than it was a few years ago and the firm had to adapt to this through marketing - the need to stand out and stay one step ahead of rivals became increasingly important.

Success Factor

The firm’s team of specialists hail from many of the main high-street banks and as such they appreciate the importance of having a whole-of-market view on finance. Working with over 100 lenders in the past 12 months, Pure has completed transactions worth nearly £250m. Marketing has been key to growth and the firm is always looking for ways to innovative and test out the latest digital marketing techniques to increase the reach of the brand, whilst lowering the average cost-per-enquiry. It regularly gets new clients who praise the approach and here and say the firm stood out because its website had the best content in the marketplace. The passion for work and for helping clients has also been a crucial component with many of the team having been involved in property investments and developments in the past and so have a working knowledge of what clients need and a desire to keep evolving knowledge in this space.

The Future

Pure wants to increase its local and national presence which it will do in part by building on its existing relationships with some of the UK’s most prolific private developers. By providing the best service they’ve had from a brokerage, they will keep coming back to fund subsequent projects. As the number of deals it works on increases and the size of these deals also grows, Pure will be increasing its staff head count and taking on a few more specialist brokers that deal in the more complex property transactions. In terms of turnover, Pure aims to double it in the next couple of years and be in the top 3 brokerages in the UK by the five-year mark.