Net World Sports (Wrexham)


As with most businesses, the underlying motivation at the very start was to be successful and make money. But deep down the driving force would be our founder and now Managing Director Alex’s unrelenting desire to control his own destiny. From a relatively early age it became apparently that learning by traditional methods – namely education – wasn’t for him. He began working as a “Saturday Lad” at a builder’s merchants, and was soon putting in 62 hour weeks to build up the savings needed to buy the first container of stock needed to launch his own venture. The main challenge would be the fact the business received no external help – not a single penny in funding. All of the firm’s initial – and subsequent – successes were the result of Alex’s own hard work, determination, and courage to take (calculated) risks.

Success Factor

Having the vision to provide niche products to the mass market is how Net World Sports stands out from its competition. This relentless determination and rapid growth is underpinned by three core principles namely own brand (almost all of the products it stocks are own-brand giving the business complete control of quality, supply and profit margins); speed (the way in which the business designs and manufactures its products, as well as the pioneering packaging processes it has implemented means it is able to minimise delivery times and prices for customers, as service that is virtually unheard of within the industry; and being glocal (whilst 61.5% of overall sales came from overseas, the firm makes a conscious effort to be expressly local when talking to customers by tailoring each of its websites to the specific country which they are targeting

The Future

Essentially, the plan for the next five years will be carrying on to do what it is already doing but doing it even better, refining and optimising all aspects of the business. It recently introduced a strategically planned ERP system which, going forward, will lead to more data and timely information across the entire supply chain, allowing us to become more efficient for our customers. Net World Sports will continue to introduce and innovate its own-brand ranges and will continue striving to offer the best experience for customers by constantly evaluating their preferred communication methods. With its aims of being a truly global business, it has plans in place to evolve into a 24/7 operation which will better serve the growing Asia-Pacific market. Finally, even though the business has trebled its warehouse space last year and also completed a 3,000ft2 office extension, it is already busy identifying new sites and land that will give it the opportunity to increase floorspace in the medium-to-long term.