Naissance Trading (Neath)


The CEO of Naissance grew up in Africa, where there was an abundance of natural plant materials that his mother used to create homemade, natural remedies. Readymade products were not readily available and he developed a keen interest of how the local community would use what was around them in nature to create their own remedies. It was his childhood that inspired him to start the business back in 2005. The major challenge initially faced was that the firm had nowhere to store or distribute its products and Naissance began in the spare room of its CEO’s house and rapidly ran out of space.

Success Factor

The wholesale side of the company had a major impact on the overall growth of the business and is responsible for the 50 per cent growth in sales. Last year, the firm went through a major rebranding that gave it a fresh new look, widening the target demographic to a younger market. Communication through social media platforms has also been a key factor in engaging with customers and building a relationship of trust with them. Being an online company, Naissance sells its products on different e-commerce platforms including Amazon where it one of the top 100 sellers. Lately, it has expanded its online market by selling through Amazon FBA resulting in an increase in sales, as well as expanding the market to America and Australia which has increased sales by 25 per cent.

The Future

The company is planning to maintain its market in the European countries and to expand it into new countries such as Canada and Mexico. It will continue to emphasise the importance of organic and cruelty free skincare, expanding its range of 100% natural ingredients leading to a new line of blended products. The firm’s department of procurement and ethical policy has been working on establishing partnerships with growers all over the world and sourcing directly from them supporting their communities. This is a big part of the ongoing project and it is planning to increase the number of partnerships in countries such as Papua New Guinea and India.