Mitour (Swansea)


Having previously worked within the industry at a now-competitor, the three directors of Mitour felt that it was the right time to freshen up a stagnant sports event market and introduce some new destinations for the many rugby and football clubs around the country who take part in the annual end-of-season tour. The challenges came from entering an already saturated sports events and travel market and taking on companies who have operated within the industry for, in some cases, upwards of 20 years. It was important from the outset for Mitour to differentiate itself from the existing companies in the market and to do so it set its sights on gaining an ATOL license so that it could provide long haul travel and different options for customers.

Success Factor

There is little doubt that the previous experience of the three directors played a significant part in the rapid growth of the company. Being able to call on an extensive list of contacts from within the industry allowed the company to hit the ground running and produce a solid base from which to work in future years. Its pricing is very competitive in comparison to other companies offering similar products and with fantastic staff members, providing the highest levels of customer service, it has been able to secure some large bookings for many of tours and events. Finally, the business was to draw on its existing skill-set by creating a website that stands out from the crowd and previous experience in digital marketing has helped to reach huge numbers of customers on an almost daily basis.

The Future

The plans within the next 5 years revolve around moving away from the sports events, which have underpinned the business since inception, and increasing the number of long-haul tours that it provides to schools and sports clubs. This is the biggest potential area for growth by some distance and will be the focus moving forward.