Macbryde Homes Ltd (St Asaph)


The founder and current Chairman, Simon Macbryde, started in the industry as a bricklayer but always had the ambition to become a house builder and formed Macbryde Homes in 1985. With little external support, Simon’s first development comprised of 27 houses at a site in Deganwy, the success of which allowed him to start growing the team into the company it is today. In the early days, one of the key challenges was (as it often remains now), securing land in the right locations. Alongside this, operating through the different economic cycles naturally brought challenges. These challenges were, however, balanced out by the opportunities that Simon and the growing Macbryde Homes team pursued. Undoubtedly one of the most significant was securing a prime development site alongside a Manchester city-centre canal basin before city-centre living became so popular – it was a risk, but one that paid off!

Success Factor

The success of Macbryde Homes has been hinged on carefully combining two key factors. Firstly, it looks for desirable locations that lend themselves to quality, sought-after developments. It then sets about continually enhancing the design of its house portfolio to stand out against the competition. To successfully achieve this, MacBryde Homes always consider the local area in which it is building and takes design elements from those surroundings. It also ensures that it work closely with the local authorities and, where appropriate, the conservation officers. It has been vital that for the business to be a success that it doesn’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to what it does and this care and attention to detail has served the business well to date.

The Future

Developing homes in desirable, sought-after locations will continue to sit at the centre of the approach to house building as the business moves forward. In the last financial year, 122 units were built and in this year, that is set to increase to 180+ homes and the aim is to quickly increase that further to 200+ units annually. To achieve that, Macbryde Homes will focus on identifying great locations in Welsh towns that appeal to first time buyers and young families and provide them with excellent homes in the locations that matter to them. It will also take further steps to build and strengthen partnership-based relationships with Registered Social Landlords so that it is able to expand and deliver much needed quality, affordable homes across the region. Facilitating such continued growth will naturally require an increased headcount and this will be both within construction-based roles at a local level, as well as at its Head Office in St Asaph.