DevOps Group (Cardiff)


In 2013, James Smith and Steve Thair began collaborating on a blog under the name DevOpsGuys. With a rapidly increasing following (most asking for guidance and solutions), James and Steve became thought leaders in this exciting and emerging field. A year later, the DevOpsGuys company set up shop in ‘founders hub’ Cardiff and from humble beginnings, a vibrant and thriving company, has grown. In 2018 the company has grown to almost 100 staff, carried out a company re-brand to DevOpsGroup (a move made to reflect its diverse service offerings, locations and staff); received investment from the Business Growth Fund and welcomed a new board to aid the ambitions for growth. The company aim was to empower digital innovation and creativity by freeing companies from the burden of technical debt. By creating tailor made solutions for clients, the DevOpsGroup educate, help accelerate software deployment and transform business. It links the IT departments to the core strategy of a business, giving the business theedge it needs to succeed by keeping ahead of the curve in innovation, development and customer engagement. Coping with rapid growth has been the main challenge and te founders recognise that they have created a wonderful culture and environment to deliver world class work that mustn’t be lost as the company grows. Another challenge is finding new talent to join the team as growing at a rapid rate means there is a need to recruit quickly and effectively. DevopsGroup is were keen to utilise the great people in Wales, along with the amazing calibre of students in the local universities and have formed the DevOpsGroup Academy as a home for industry leading experts in DevOps and Agile practices. After years of educating clients and colleagues, the academy is now open for BCS accredited public training given the increasing demand for the firm’s education pathways and approach to learning.

Success Factor

The DevOps Group has built an amazing team that delivers world class work, transforming the way enterprise organisations work and improving the working environment for their staff. This amazing work has resulted in a reputation in the industry as the go-to consultancy for high performance IT. DevOpsGroup has also prioritised the evaluation of its mission, vision and company values and spends time to communicate and discuss these with its team. Indeed, involving the team in their construction and communicating the meaning is an important part in safeguarding company values and culture. It is the company goal that all new staff feel like team members from day one, and can champion these values internally and externally; a seamless integration created by investing time and providing new recruits with the education and mentoring they need to succeed.

The Future

As an acknowledged industry thought leader in the DevOps movement, DevOpsGroup are looking to capitalise on its first-mover advantage by expanding its core capabilities and position itself to continue to exploit the rapidly expanding Digital Transformation and Managed Cloud Services markets. Its proprietary methods, based on experiences gained from working across multi-sector Enterprise clients, give the business significant credibility in the market and provides a key point of differentiation from other “traditional” IT consultancies and Global Systems Integrators (GSIs). The management team has clear intent to build a high-growth and innovative consulting business that will achieve forecast revenues of £42m by 2020.