Coatings and Blastings Services (Swansea)


The founders felt there was a need in the market for the services that they offer to be provided with a high level of customer service. They wanted to build and provide an environment where both employees and clients felt valued and, on that basis, they ensure that the company is run in an ethical manner. The initial motivation was to create employment, a professional company and personal security – the MD is a family man as are the majority of the team and they all like the thought of establishing a business from which other people and their families would benefit through earning a decent living. The prime motivation was not personal greed but the requirement to provide financial security for our own families, and to allow others to do the same. Some of the largest challenges in the early days involved financing. Cash flow in the construction industry is always problematic, as there is a high propensity for large firms to insist on much longer payment terms. However, these issues weren’t insurmountable and after an initial teething period they settled down.

Success Factor

Coatings and Blastings Services is a unique company in the number of connected specialist services they offer - most companies will make a conscious decision to specialise in one area (be it repairs, painting, refurbishment or blasting) but it is able to service all of these requirements. It is an easy to work with contractor and understands whole heartedly its health and safety responsibilities, meaning that when construction sites know they have CABS’ staff coming on site, they can be assured that all of the workforce are fully trained and accredited to the latest industry standards. Finally, all of the firm’s staff are able to talk with confidence about the fact they can help anyone, with any type of job they may need looking at. This enables them team to be not only commended but also highly recommended when people are looking for a company such as Coatings and Blastings Services.

The Future

The CABS Group has recently been formed by incorporating three new companiess each of will specialise in its own discipline namely CABS Repairs (carrying out specialist on site cladding and curtain walling repairs throughout the UK); CABS Refurbishment (offering complete envelope refurbishment including roofs to industrial, commercial and retail units) and CABS Industrial (a FIRAS accredited contractor carrying out intumescent fire protection to existing and new steelworks as well as specialist preparation of steelworks including shot blasting and application of industrial paints). In addition to the above, the firm wants to cement its reputation as the UK’s largest specialist services provider by developing in-house blasting and painting facilities to offer a greater range of services both to existing and future client base.