CHC Waste Facilities Management (Tywyn)


CHC Waste Facilities Management Ltd was formed back in 1995 after identifying a major gap in the market and we were one of the first companies in the UK to offer waste management services. The key challenge during the first three years was in part, educating people around the commercial benefits to the business and the wider positive implications of recycling, as well as preparing to scale as the business grew. Now, there are thousands of companies offering a full bespoke waste / facilities package, competition has vastly increased. To stay ahead of the game, the firm utilises its experience, expertise and customer insights to inform what it does while continually investing in the latest technologies and implementing new systems and processes to maintain high levels of quality and service.

Success Factor

Over the past three years, CHC has seen major growth as a company and the three main factors for this have been a team of dedicated and committed staff, expansion into new sectors and its existing clients utilising wider services. With the wealth of knowledge and experience of our senior management team and the sheer dedication and commitment from loyal staff, CHC has been able to grow as a company and through honest and upfront advice, it has been able to help existing clients improve their waste and facilities management as well as securing new clients via its reputation for exceptional quality and service.

The Future

CHC Waste Facilities Management Ltd has grown steadily over the past 5 years and currently turns over £4.7 million annually and has seen a 393% increase since 2013. Securing multiple new clients and several additional contracts with existing clients over the last year has boosted turnover by almost £1m. The company’s strategy is to maintain growth over the next five years, while creating job opportunities within the local community as well as expanding into two new premises in other key locations for the business in the UK. It is also committed to investing heavily in new technologies, systems and processes as well as staff training and development to help career progression.