Bect Building Contractors (Cardiff)


BECT was formed in 1983 when all four Directors were at a stage and age where they felt the need to give the adventure of self-employment “a go”. There was an excitement and desire to become a respected contractor in the local area working for the established commercial, public and private sector clients in the locality. It was an opportunity for them to be in charge of their own destiny and they felt between the four of them they had the correct split of skills to make an impact in the market as well as a vision of how they wanted to treat clients, subcontractors and workforce, something that has remained with them for over 30 years. The major challenge in the first three years was at the set-up of the company during the back of the late 1980s recession and the founders were probably too excited with the notion of working for themselves that they did not take on board the full impact that would have on a new business. They soon realised (and this has been the case through every recession) that construction is not favoured by the banking sector during these hard times. Funding and gradual expansion was an issue although they have remained with the bank/branch since the business started. In these first three years, the goal of working in the commercial market took longer to achieve as becoming an approved contractor to these Clients involved the submission of financial accounts along with examples of experience which they did not have although the persistence and energy of the founders got them through the hard times and the client base they fought hard to get in the early years remain with the firm today.

Success Factor

The three key factors that have contributed to the rapid growth of the business would be having a solid and supportive client base that recognises, acknowledges and genuinely values the contribution that thye make to a project, which brings repeat business as there is an awareness that there is a right price for the job and not just the cheapest; having a clear understanding that the growth and development of a business is largely down to employing good people and empowering them to drive the business forward; and being well positioned to take advantage of the recent buoyancy in the local and national economy.

The Future

Over the next five years, the directors aim to establish BECT as an outstanding place to work, a trusted partner with whom to do business with and the principal medium-sized contractor in South Wales. They will be seeking to build on the current client base with new clients whose core values align with the firm’s. Growth for growth’s sake will not be the driver but instead they will focus on ensuring that Bect continues to trade successfully for another 30 years and beyond.