A&R Contract Cleaning (Bridgend)


The business was started by Rayner Davies who left school with one qualification. Rayner had her first child at 16 and second at 18 and was living off benefits. Rayner went in to providing care work at 19 whilst providing care she had a burning desire to prove to herself and to others she wasn’t just a teen mum who was supported by benefits. When she was 23 and wanting to go self-employed, Rayner put a hand-written sign in a window of a shop offering an ironing service. This soon grew and within four months Rayner gave up her care job to concentrate on her new found passion. Soon clients were asking Rayner to provide a cleaning service which she did and continued to expand. Since then, her husband Ashley – who has a background in sales, marketing, banking and has a very keen eye on the finances in the business - joined the firm and A&R Contract Cleaning has gone from strength to strength implementing KPIs, targets and ambitious plans for growth. The business was really started from passion for cleaning and hard-work and that has stayed with the business in its culture as its grown.

Success Factor

The key success factors are the team and organisational and structure it has in place; the systems and processes in the business; and the high standards of customer service and cleaning standards undertaken by the staff.

The Future

A&R Cleaning Services are continuing to grow strong and its main focus is to target large office blocks in and around the South Wales Area. It has been fortunate to win contracts with new developments in Cardiff and now provides cleaning services to both 1 & 2 Central Square. It is also developing a team to cope with the growth, redefining job roles within the company and develop a marketing strategy to help achieve high levels of growth.