Amber Energy (Cardiff)


Nick Proctor founded amber energy in 2009 after noticing that the customer service, black-hat practice and expertise in the energy industry was letting a number of his clients down. Nick decided something had to be done about this and launched amber energy with the goal of providing a fair, honest and transparent approach to business energy. Quite simply, Nick wanted to set up a business that helps others navigate through all the complexities in the energy industry and to provide long-term partnerships to help them meet their business objectives. In the first few years of business Nick faced many challenges – not just learning everything there was to know about the energy industry, but also building a website and developing a business strategy. His hard work and determination paid off and now in its 10th year of business there are over 60 members of staff offering a wealth of specialist industry experience.

Success Factor

Industry-leading performance is part and parcel of what amber energy offers, acting as a collaborative hub of industry experts to provide a full suite of energy management services for clients. Having this under its belt is not only a key driver for new business but has also assisted in the hiring of further industry experts and energy specialists. Bespoke services are provided to each of client which marries their requirements perfectly with the services that the firm offers. By taking an honest, open approach to their energy needs and providing solutions that answer the problem as well as explaining with complete simplicity how it helps and giving them complete transparency on costs. Finally, strong client relationships have been developed by closely working together and delivering outstanding results. Not only has this helped in retaining customers but they receive a large number of referrals for new business from existing clients. They always look to work with customers as a partnership, effectively becoming a member of their team to help them deal with the energy management side of the business. In doing this, they become easily contactable, approachable and trusted – all of which feed into amber energy’s continued success.

The Future

Now in its 10th year of business, amber has big plans for the next five years and is looking to take on larger clients and provide enhanced services in addition to what it already offers. It has taken a strategic approach in its delivery, carefully considering its services and packaging them in a way that best suits its clients while offering an improved service. The company is also looking to tackle new areas of business, namely tackling the build-to-rent sector through our COMM:UNITY solution, as well as expanding its water services and, for the first time in the company’s history, offering procurement services to small and medium sized businesses. In doing this, it expects not just to increase its client base but drastically expand the number of jobs available at amber energy.