VIZOLUTION (Port Talbot)


Vizolution identified a real need within organisations to improve complex customer journeys. There was a real demand from consumers for an improved customer experience however many organisations were struggling to deliver this as they were restricted by legacy systems, compliance requirements a lack of technology that enabled this. They knew that if they could provide the technology to address these issues and remove these breaks, then they could deliver benefits to both the customer and the business – a win-win scenario.

Our main challenges when starting the business

As with any disruptive technology, it is initially challenging the status quo and convincing businesses that they needed to change their working practices. Many of the organisations the firm works with had worked in the same way for many years and their processes were deeply ingrained in their business. Once a business reaches a tipping point, that challenge goes away and organisations proactively search for products but initially they have to go through the awareness and education stage first.

Success Factor

Vizolution satisfied a real customer and business need and once this had been demonstrated through a few of its first clients and showed the impact that products could have, growth came very quickly. Ultimately, the firm has a strong product that really does work for its clients so growth within existing clients and with new clients has been a natural progression. Getting investment at the right time has also been key. Finance Wales were instrumental in this along with other parties such as HSBC and VC Notion Capital. Securing this investment has meant that Vizolution can invest in expanding its teams, investing in product development and also expand internationally and that has really amplified its growth.

The Future

Vizolution is predominantly looking at international expansion across many territories including North America, EMEA and APAC. It will also be developing new products that will enhance its product portfolio and allow the firm to further expand within existing clients as well as look at new vertical sectors to target.