The motivation of the founders was to provide clients with an interface between transport provider and end user with the emphasis being on customer communication. This is something that to this day is still the firm’s mantra but sadly still lost with global logistics providers.

Our main challenges when starting the business

The major challenges the founders faced were similar to many other new businesses in Wales namely finance, business rates and the lack of empathy towards service providers with regards to business loans or grants.

Success Factor

The willingness to be totally flexible, and although a cliché the business genuinely does (and always will go) the extra mile. The business is founded upon finding solutions to problems or needs of clients whilst continuingly striving to demonstrate efficiencies for their business. UWL acts in partnership with all its clients and does not consider itself just a provider this approach has seen all clients, without exception, stay loyal to the company so any new business is added to existing revenues. The recent relocation to a purpose-built distribution facility in Pencoed would not have been possible without the assistance of the Welsh Government and this will see UWL raise its profile even further and help attract businesses considering Wales as an area to operate from.

The Future

UWL’s plans are fairly simple namely to continue to reinvest in the business with good people, good facilities along with sound financial management in order for it to firmly establish itself and extol the virtues of Wales and its vastly improving infrastructure.