The business was started as a racetrack by the proprietor’s father in 1990. Since then it has developed into a major tourism company in North Wales. The Williams family has been involved in tourism in North Wales since the 1950s and has been committed to the industry ever since therefore the main motivation for starting the business was to try to keep North Wales at the forefront of tourism in the UK.

Our main challenges when starting the business

The major challenges faced by the business in the first three years were keeping enough cash flow to allow growth. Another challenge faced still to this day is trying to expand the shoulders of the tourism season into the winter months.

Success Factor

The main three factors that have contributed to growth are (1) a willingness to re-invest because its are continually striving to maintain and improve business premises and the staff that it employs as this has contributed significantly to growth; (2) the purchase of Llandudno Pier has enabled the business to move to the next level in terms of staff numbers and income and allowed it to expand the season into the winter months; and (3) belief in tourism in North Wales as Adam Williams (the managing director) made a conscientious decision in the early noughties to stop travelling around the world with fairground rides and to concentrate on North Wales. Since this decision was made, the foundations have been built which have allowed for this rapid growth over the last few years.

The Future

Over the next five years, Tir Prince Leisure Group plans to expand on The Fun Factory Family Entertainment Centre Brand by improving current premises and also acquiring new ones; maintain and develop Llandudno Pier; and work with Conwy County Council in increasing visitor numbers to the area in the winter months.