SURE CHILL (Cardiff)


The business was established to meet a number of key needs globally. First of all, billions of people in developing countries can’t access cooling, meaning that safeguarding medicines and vaccines, keeping food, drinks and homes cool is just a dream. Sure Chill provides perfect cooling in places where there are extremely poor power supplies and can withstand the world’s harshest environments and high ambient temperatures. It’s well documented that in developing countries, it’s difficult and often impossible to keep vaccines within the 2-8°C safe temperature range. Sure Chill was invented to address these urgent needs in the vaccine market, with a desire to deliver the benefits of clean cooling without the need for a battery, or reliable power, to people in real need. In developed countries there’s a different challenge. A rapidly growing population and spikes in power demands are creating inefficiencies and increasing costs in energy grids worldwide. Energy grids are struggling to meet peak-load demands. Sure Chill can solve these challenges.

Our main challenges when starting the business

By nature, a disruptive technology has its barriers when entering the market. Building trust, advocacy and getting messages heard by the right audience in a difficult market are challenging. However, Sure Chill has made huge strides in the global health market in a short space of time. Support received from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF and its collaboration agreement with Shell Foundation has given credibility and assisted with partnership discussions in other markets

Success Factor

The main factors that have contributed to the rapid growth of the business are early investment from abBusiness angel enabling rapid commercialisation; market leading performance; and the strength of R&D team and commitment to innovation

The Future

Sure Chill now plans to enter other markets where continual cooling without power is advantageous. Once the investment raise is complete, it will tackle the market opportunities in Off-Grid Domestic Refrigeration (1.5 Billion people lack electricity globally and just 2 per cent of the off-grid population in Africa has access to refrigeration); Retail Cooling (the world’s largest drinks brands have significant challenges cooling drinks in emerging economies) and pharmaceutical Logistics (a guaranteed chilled environment for vaccines and other lifesaving supplies without the risk of freezing which is estimated to be a $2 Billion market and is growing by 10 per cent per annum).