Spectrum Internet was formed as a business ISP in 2011 and following its initial success, moved into the residential broadband market later that year. In researching where to focus its efforts in the residential market, it identified several rural areas that the larger ISPs were not intending to invest in upgrading the existing broadband infrastructure. This presented the firm with an opportunity to both expand the business, whilst at the same time helping those forgotten communities.

Our main challenges when starting the business

In the main, the reason the larger ISPs had not upgraded these areas was that their rural location presented several challenges which made them both difficult and expensive to serve. Spectrum made a point of getting to know those communities, and their unique challenges, to enable business class connectivity. CEO Giles Phelps harbours a strong passion for innovative technology and advances in IT, which had fuelled Spectrum’s growth. As South Wales has flourished into a world-renowned tech hub, Spectrum has been at the forefront of its success, providing the much needed infrastructure to put the region on the map. As consumers and businesses demand access to the technologies and resources that are available online, the infrastructure needs to be ahead of the game, not just keeping pace. This futureproof approach has made sure that Spectrum can compete with the major national players, and gives the relatively small company a loud voice on the industrial and political stage. Spectrum will continue to invest heavily in research and development, taking a proactive approach to exploring new and innovative technologies, closely examining how they can be used to improve services and benefit users. The size of the company enables the ability to be flexible and agile in adopting and implementing new technology.

Success Factor

Spectrum Internet has invested heavily in fibre optic infrastructure, laying its own cabling throughout the region. This infrastructure allows the company to compete with all the major players, and also move quickly in response to new technological capabilities and respond to fast moving consumer demands. As a local provider in South Wales, Spectrum has deep and insightful knowledge of the challenges that Welsh businesses and residents face in regards to connectivity. This knowledge places the company and its employees as thought leaders, representing the industry on a national scale, standing up for Welsh businesses and residents in the fight for better broadband.

The Future

Spectrum Internet is looking to further invest in broadband infrastructure throughout the region in the next five years. This investment will enable full fibre networks offering download and upload speeds way beyond what businesses and residents are used to. As demand for bandwidth further increases, and increases at a rapid pace, Spectrum will be well placed to compete with the major players in the market. For businesses to be able to take advantage of these speeds, Spectrum offers digital transformation consultancy, working closely with IT teams, users and management to plan improvements to working practices using some of the latest technology. This includes tools like Office 365 which aims to increase collaboration and productivity, and increases competitive advantage. Over the next 12 months, Spectrum will be further expanding its network in Bristol by taking part in the Gigabit voucher scheme, and also investing to connect Wales and Bristol, providing better speeds all round.