The owner Simon Johns I re-joined the business full time in 2012 after leaving a local Cardiff business to start to grow the family business. The goal is to become the leading mechanical building services provider in South Wales.

Our main challenges when starting the business

The major challenges of building a network of reliable clients whilst also forging long lasting relationships that give return work. Labour has also been a very difficult issue within the business and there appears to be a massive skills shortage in the local area with many being of the older generation and very few younger employees available or interested in the skills sector.

Success Factor

The growth of Silvertram has happened though the relationships with larger construction companies seeing the worth in using Silvertram for their mechanical services. Other key factors include excellent delivery to the client, good working relationships across the management teams of all parties involved, and always delivering everything that it can to support clients to achieve their end goals.

The Future

Simon would like the business to grow at a steady rate for the next five years, focusing on finding new partnerships with construction business across the south west region. In growing the market share, Silvertram is looking to offer more services to clients to give them a single point of contact for all of their mechanical building services requirements