RockIT (Bridgend)


The founder – Rob Dance - always wanted to own his own venture. The world of business fascinated him which is why he studied a BA Hons Degree in Business and Administration. In preparation for setting up RockIT, Rob spent six months writing a business plan that was over 250 pages and is something that has set the business apart from the competition. Every year, he will update the business plan that acts as the foundation for growth for the coming year.

Our main challenges when starting the business

The key driver for creating the RockIT brand was the premise that Rob could clearly see a better way of delivering IT solutions, namely by listening to clients and gaining a deep understanding of their needs, challenges and business goals. It is an attribute that has served the business well, enabling it to shape effective strategies and solutions. Nine years on from setting up RockIT, the business is now 85 people strong and continues to grow by driving improved experiences for clients.

Success Factor

Over recent years, the business has seen significant growth which can be attributed in part to its customer-centric approach that underpins the company’s core values namely clients – never lose clients and the client always comes first; quality – zero defects in everything it does; service – deliver ‘wow’ through service; greatness – good is the enemy of great; and people – happy people deliver great service. Rob knows that to be truly client-centric, a business has to focus on the wellbeing and motivation of its staff and RockIT is known locally as a great employer that regularly promotes from within by openly encouraging staff to progress and move to other roles that might enhance their learnings and career path. Employee retention is taken very seriously as it wants to retain and nurture its most talented individuals whilst seeking out the best likeminded, friendly, helpful and supportive people to join the business.

The Future

The focus is always about laying the foundations for continued and sustainable business growth. In 2014, the RockIT London office was opened and was the first step to becoming a nationally recognised business. At the time, the business had some significant clients in the London area and by opening an office in Hammersmith, it has been able to provide these clients (and many more) with the support infrastructure that’s required to meet their demands. The plans for growth are always ambitious and is what drives the business and keeps it motivated. There are plans to open office in Manchester and Birmingham for the same reasons as the firm opened the London office - namely to support and provide the right level of infrastructure that’s required to meet the demand of clients in this area. In addition to this, RockIT is considering its global reach with possible acquisitions overseas to supplement current services and improve its product offering. There are also plans to develop a RockIT hub over the next three years with a 25,000 sq ft office having technology at its core with an onsite data centre, state of the art security, and the most advanced IT systems to enhance the service that it is able to provide to clients. For staff, this will also provide additional benefits such as an on-site gym and potentially even childcare thus providing employees with facilities that support and enhance the work-life balance.