The motivation to start React Support Services was to add a unique physical dimension of recovery in mental health services in South Wales, whereby vulnerable adults were able to safely progress towards independence through a unique three stage recovery model (which has since developed into the four stage model).

Our main challenges when starting the business

The major challenges faced in the first three years was to recruit and retain highly trained specialist staff and to implement robust systems in order to deliver high quality, safe and individual packages of care.

Success Factor

The three main factors that have contributed to React Support Services’ rapid growth are (a) listening and understanding the needs of customers coupled with being flexible with the packages of care it can provide; (b) evidencing positive outcomes and promoting independence with the four-stage recovery model; and (c) having a high calibre, dedicated and flexible multi skilled staff team that have all been carefully recruited and highly trained. It also has additional valuable expertise with its own clinical nurse specialists who are highly regarded and respected in this field.

The Future

Whilst growing rapidly is exciting as a company, the absolute priority is delivering high quality care which has continuity and longevity. React Support Services now has its fourth stage of its recovery model and are in the process of further extending its domiciliary care provision. It will continue to excel with its outcome focused recovery model throughout further growth whilst minimising vacancies without compromising the high level quality of care it provides. The feasibility of expanding the four-stage recovery model across other regions of South Wales will also be considered.