NUTRIVEND (Llantrisant)


Having spent all of his adult life as a professional rugby player, that chapter was ending and the founder Scoot Morgan had a young family, a wife and three children that he had to support, provide for, and put a roof over their heads and with no previous business or work experience. That was all the motivation he needed and that he had to make it happen. He had a concept which wasn’t innovative, just made sense and solved a problem. The good thing was that nobody else was doing it, but the question was, why not?

Our main challenges when starting the business

Over the first three years, the growth was exceptional and the challenges were tough, the same problems that all start-ups have with high growth is cash burn and cash flow. So the founder had to keep all the plates spinning and the only thing that was free was his time. During this time, he played part-time rugby for Coventry to pay the bills and because he loved the sport. The rest of the time, he was working hard in the business to make it a success.

Success Factor

The three main factors that have contributed to the rapid growth of the business are hard work (whatever it takes to make it happen hard); problem solving (and sometimes before the problems even exist); and belief and focus, i.e. never doubt yourself and where you want to take the business - just work out how you’re going to get it there and go for it!

The Future

The plan for the business over the next five years is to be the world’s greatest sports nutrition service provider. Nutrivend will continue to develop and grow the fully managed solution, retaining existing and generating new business, and will introduce wholesale distribution to support its self-fill service via online ecommerce.