Led by Andrew Follant, the motivation behind Kontroltek originated through a desire to build a Welsh-based industrial electronic repair company which revolved around building long-lasting relationships with both customers and staff. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, a solid network of talented engineers, and a strong desire to create change, Kontroltek’s aim was clear. It would stand out by providing the manufacturing industry with a responsive service run by people not by a board of directors and shareholders.

Our main challenges when starting the business

One of Kontroltek’s challenges during the initial stages of growth was market penetration. However, due to an extensive industry knowledge within the team, this quickly accelerated, resulting in Kontroltek becoming synonymous with delivering trust and value for money. Kontroltek quickly exceeded initial targets and within the first twelve months achieved a turnover of more than £1,000,000. It opened a second facility in the Midlands at the end of 2014, has recently relocated its head office to a workshop three times the size of the original facility, and is now looking to establish a facility in Europe. Fast forward to 2017 and the small team of 12 has evolved into a thriving workforce of 60 within a successful, Welsh based business which continues to grow.

Success Factor

A prominent factor contributing to the firm’s growth is its people. Everyone at Kontroltek works hard to continue to strengthen ties and foster strong working relationships with existing and new clients. Another influence is the commitment to service and quality and customers return because the business diligently commits to consistently high service standards. For example, each client will be assisted by the same account managers throughout every repair meaning a sense of trust is built and sustained. Numerous cases of Kontroltek’s client acquisitions have been through current customers - e.g. maintenance engineers - moving to new employment and insisting on the firm carrying out their new employer’s repairs. Personal recommendation through commitment to customers has been one of the most effective factors in Kontroltek’s rapid growth. Finally, Kontroltek’s willingness to invest and adapt also contributes to growth and it is proud to play a role in inspiring the future generation while also upskilling the workforce in Wales. This, in turn, ensures continued growth for the company as its apprentices bring originality into Kontroltek, helping the business to remain innovative. It partners with local colleges to help harness local talent, skills and capabilities for the future, which promulgates to customers and adding to confidence in its reputation.

The Future

In the future, the overall plan for Kontroltek is to become among the top three industrial electronic repair companies in the UK and among the top 5 in Europe. For now, Kontroltek is to continue to develop in the UK market and to continue to expand into the European market through the potential development of an agent network in Poland. It wants to continue to input further investment into people and equipment and aims to create a successful, Welsh based business which continues to grow, employing local, talented team members and providing continuous opportunities for them to develop. It also plans to invest further the next generation of engineers by providing apprenticeship schemes and employment opportunities for future members of the Kontroltek team and to continue to share its success with employees through development opportunities and reward packages.