DVS (Cardiff)


Motivations were originally to offer its own brand CCTV products at branded household name quality but at a lower cost. This has evolved over the years to become a distributor of branded products but with a bias towards emerging companies in the Far East rather than traditional brands.

Our main challenges when starting the business

The challenges in the early years were being able to attract the quality of staff required to enable growth and take the company forward at the rate required and cash flow to fund growth when having to pay up front for all imported goods.

Success Factor

DVS is very proud of its team and feel it offers the best pre-sales and post-sales support in the industry. The commitment of the team to the company, excellent retention of quality staff and the fantastic working environment means that customers and suppliers alike receive a positive impression of DVS at all times. DVS has also accumulated what they consider to be the highest quality manufacturing partners available globally. This ensures that DVS always offer the best products at the best price to suit the UK marketplace; and finally, DVS have developed a very fresh, professional and modern style as a result of its innovative marketing which has continually made DVS stand out from the competition.

The Future

The plan is to continue to grow turnover while remaining profitable and employing more people to continue to provide the professional level of customer service and support that has been the bedrock of DVS Ltd.