Previously asbestos amd hazardous waste removal works were undertaken by Cuddy Environmental (CEL) - a trading division of Cuddy Demolition and Dismantling Ltd (CDD). During 2012 it was decided that asbestos and hazardous waste removal works, would be undertaken by a stand alone, self sufficient company, namely Cuddy Environmental. The strategy of the business, was that it would not just be stand alone, but to increase year on year sales and most importantly the sustainability of the business would not be reliant on the sales from the sister company of CDD. Since the first year of trading, it has exceeded all targets and whilst successful expansion strategies have been aggressive, the team has enviably become one of the best of its kind, without once compromising the core values upon which it was first established – scientific precision; technical experience, outstanding health and safety and environmental standards; and robust training and communication mechanisms.

Success Factor

A strong teamwork approach – combined with extensive training initiatives, meticulous planning, and maximum respect for the environment – brings in every project not only on time and to budget, but with the utmost consideration for client satisfaction. Whether it’s triumphing despite highly restrictive specifications or designing innovative solutions to execute complex projects, overcoming technical difficulties is the firm’s specialty. Regardless of the economic climate, it acknowledges that staff development is one thing that cannot be compromised, because progressively changing people’s mindset to a safe, professional and ‘Cuddy Environmental’ way of thinking, remains paramount. To achieve this, it has embarked and invested in bespoke Behavioural Safety Training also known as Behaviour Modification. Obviously, very few entrants will say that their devotion to training is low, or that their safety record is poor, but Cuddy Environmental prides ourselves on its transparency and ability to present hard facts that truly reflect its dedication to a positive safety culture. All of this combines to make Cuddy Environmental a professional, innovative and dependable company, which treads beyond the traditional realms of the asbestos industry. Clients don’t always realise what’s possible and Cuddy Environmental has taken an ever-more educative stance to ensure companies have a greater understanding of the options available to them and are well-informed as to the safest, most economical and environmentally sound project solutions. Key to Cuddy Environmental’s long-standing success is a determination to never rest on its laurels and committed to raising industry standards:

The Future

The plan for the next five years is to maintain a year on year growth, and expand the geographic area of operation, this has begun to happen with the opening of an office in Portishead with a regional manager. It will also aim to provide asbestos consultancy to non-UK countries, and has recently undertaken this in Holland and Israel on a number of major projects.