CP HIRE (Cardiff)


The founder John Rawnsley believed that there was a space for an independent plant hire business that could offer a high-class service on a regional level. One which provided all the support and strength customers would expect from a larger national business.

Our main challenges when starting the business

One of the key factors when starting the company was ensuring it had seen the bottom of the economic dip and that the business could maximise its opportunity throughout all of the next financial cycle. CP Hire was not a well-known brand at all and as a new market entrant they had it all to prove. However, this was a challenge that its staff relished and it was able to prove to an expanding customer base that their needs and requirements were the key factors that drove the business.

Success Factor

The main factors that have contributed to the rapid growth of the business are (1) recruitment of excellent staff that have shown commitment, desire, humility and a shared interest in watching the business grow; (2) a loyal customer base as the business is as good as the service and equipment it provides - this is a two-way street and customers have supported CP Hire as they expect to be supported themselves; (3) the company has a very open management style that runs throughout the company. This enables staff to make the decisions necessary on a daily basis to focus on the key factors that are important to the business.

The Future

CP Hire will continue to expand its depot model as its customers work throughout the UK and supporting them in new geographical areas is key to further expansion. It is constantly updating its systems and processes and expects to be a paperless business by the close of this calendar year. The efficiencies that this will provide will not only help the firm be more effective with customers but will help to seamlessly roll-out new depots. Finally, investing in people on a continual basis provides the company with a strengthening foundation as this is important to the customer service standards CP Hire prides itself on.