COUP MEDIA (Cardiff)


The major motivations for starting the business was having a platform from which to launch ideas whether they were creative marketing campaigns or fully blown software products. The founder also wanted the freedom to work where he wanted and when he wanedt, and getting from a business what he put into it. He also wanted control of his destiny, working towards achieving financial freedom before he was too old to really enjoy it whilst showing his young family that “you can do what you want… and that it’s bloody hard work, but worth it”.

Our main challenges when starting the business

Money was a big issue when the firm’s biggest client went into administration in year two and nearly put Coup media out of business. The founder in the first year had to set up the business and service clients whilst still having had a full time job so 17 and 18 hour days were common. He also had to do everything from winning clients to servicing clients, doing accounts, hiring, firing, putting the bins out, and renovating the office space. There was - and still isn't - ever nothing to do.

Success Factor

Vision – Coup Media always look at what’s next (tech wise), and makes an educated call on whether it’s something it should adopt; Team – there have been a couple of members who have been with the founder from the early days and without whom the firm wouldn’t be where it is today; and finally luck (or bravery or foolishness) - the founder believes he is a sucker for an opportunity and doesn’t always think before he jumps although in the case of the OiConf, and hopefully IntelAgent, the chances he’s taken to date have been the right ones.

The Future

OiConf will envelop Coup Media over the next few years and the events and publishing side will build up exponentially. From there, the firm may or may not win more agency side clients but the founder sees the real growth in the conference and how data is used and the content created/collected along the way. Outside of Coup, there is the new business which owns IntelAgent and that will become a global success within the AI/ Chatbot sector and will submitted for a FG50 listing in a couple of years.