Clear Sky Recruitment was founded in April 2014 by recruitment professionals who had over 25 years combined experience of managing a highly successful recruitment business previously.

Our main challenges when starting the business

Despite the experience and knowledge of the business leaders, challenges were encountered as one would expect when you open a new business in such a competitive market as that of recruitment, however, due to the respected recruitment track records of those concerned with the business, hard work, tenacity and consistent positive performances, clients soon gained confidence in the business and the opportunities came in.

Success Factor

The management team of Clear Sky Recruitment, which is the backbone of the business, has worked very hard to win clients, exceed their expectations and to consistently place the right people into the right jobs since the outset. The knowledge, experience and the willingness of the team that has been built to step out of the recruiter comfort zone to ensure clients’ often demanding requirements are met has also been a contributing factor to the business’ growth. Adopting a proactive approach to everything they do, the firm works closely with clients and have a thorough understanding of each sector of industry that the business operates in, so when a client needs staff, they can rest assured that their individual requirements are fully understood and the importance of a successful recruitment campaign. As a business, Clear Sky Recruitment are also very proud of its brand and consistently work hard to improve brand awareness and operate to the highest standards.

The Future

Clear Sky Recruitment remains an ambitious business with the management team motivated to continue to push the business forward to build a market leading recruitment business. Having developed an impressive client base in South Wales and across the UK to date, the business intends to continue with a forward trajectory to develop relationships with new clients across the UK and continuing to build the relationships it has with key Welsh clients.