When CHC Waste Facilities Management Ltd was formed back in 1995, there was a major gap in the market and it was one of the first companies in the UK to offer such services. Fast forward to 2017 and there are thousands of companies offering a full bespoke waste/facilities package and whilst competition has vastly increased, it is still able to stand out from the crowd with its high level of quality and service.

Our main challenges when starting the business

Attending various business across the country where they are putting valuable waste into their general waste stream, then sending that waste to Landfill was alarming. The major challenge in the first few years was educating site managers to the benefits of waste management and recycling and carrying out ‘Green Days’ and training. This has enabled the business to turn a site’s ongoing costs into significant revenue.

Success Factor

Over the past three years, CHC Waste Management has seen major growth as a company, the three main factors for this have been word of mouth referrals delivering new business; a different approach to service by dedicated and committed staff and increase in the services offered to existing clients. With the wealth of knowledge and experience of senior management team, and the sheer dedication and commitment from staff, it has been able to grow as a company. CHC purchased its new premises in July 2016, and twelve months on has already outgrown its and are currently in discussion regarding extending the head office. While the sales and site services teams have been busy setting up new accounts, the focus is on continuous improvement across the board in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 thus meaning that existing clients continue to get the same attention as they did in the first instance.

The Future

Over the next five years, the firm has a clear business plan to expand sales to enable cold calling targeted potential clients for existing services, area by area. The growth strategy will also see it pursue new avenues within the waste/facilities sectors. There focus is to bring in an array of new clientele whilst ensuring it continues to strengthen relations with existing clientele through an additional sales force to promote and sell its Total Waste Management services along with other soft facilities management services offered. By early 2018, CHC have scheduled investment to make its website a more interactive experience for customers and potential clientele to give them a factual and insightful view of CHC and how it can potentially help them improve their facilities requirements. Along with this, it is in the early stages of building a new website which will be for selling Recycling Consumables and have recently invested heavily in a bespoke paperless booking / reporting / invoicing system, this will allow the firm to become a lot more efficient and pro-active.