The motivation for starting Zip World was to be the most successful people focused, location based, adventure tourism brand in the world by providing exciting and shared adventure experiences in unique environments for as many people as possible.

Our main challenges when starting the business

In starting up the business, a strong motivation (especially from one director who was born locally) was to create job opportunities in this sector as well as creating a legacy for the area. A challenge faced during the first three years was the speed of growth, initially starting up with 8 members of staff to requiring over 200 staff by 2016, with the fast growth of the business resulting in large numbers of staff not initially planned for. Working with the local government and the red tape involved was initially a challenge. However, this has reduced as the company has grown and matured and has had enormous benefits to the local economy and to the adventure industry as a whole, especially to Wales.

Success Factor

The main factors contributing to the rapid growth of the business is the appointment of key staff. Zip World has a fantastic team who share and buy into the company’s values along with the world-class products it offers and the exemplar customer service. Another factor is the world-wide PR reach the company has received because of the type and quality of products on offer, being uniquely exciting and require no skill and can be experienced by most people of all ages.

The Future

The plans for growing the business over the next five years are to consolidate and further develop the business in North Wales. This will ensure that the product offerings are continuously being developed can offer a high quality, fresh experience to developing supporting services to the products and the customer experience. Zip World will develop and open sites outside the company’s current location, including one in South East Wales in 2017 and more in the UK and worldwide in the next four years.