The founders believed there is a need in Wales for a full-service marketing agency with a unique point of difference. Ubiquity is central in structure with account handling, and therefore, the client at its core, servicing clients needs with specialist companies in the core pillars of media, digital, public relations and design. It ensures the client has the same brand experience regardless to the company or companies delivering on a project. Each group company is encouraged where required to collaborate with external partners, often competitors, to deliver a consistent brand experience and deliver results to a client. Ubiquity is therefore a 21st century equivalent to a full service agency.

Our main challenges when starting the business

The public sector service frameworks have not helped in the growth strategy. For a new company to exploit the potential of public sector contracts to grow the business, it needs to be on frameworks but also needs the track record and scale to get on those lists in the first place. In context, Ubiquity has 95% private sector clients with no single client accounting for more than 4% of turnover. Competitors such as Freshwater and Golley Slater rely up to 50% on public sector work.

Success Factor

The business is based on three key principles namely agility (being quick and flexible and the business was on being able to cater to any need); collaboration (working together with partners to deliver a consistent client experience and find the right answers to their challenges); and being entrepreneurial (the firm is a risk-taking self-starters, innovative with an inquisitive nature and has created an environment where relentlessness and hunger are rewarded).

The Future

The company’s vision is a 21st century equivalent of a full-service-agency with a mission of being Wales' leading marketing services group with strategic investments in ‘best in class’ creative, media, digital and communications companies. The strategy for organic growth is through lead generation and sales through its commercial team that also has strong account handling capabilities - with over 75 existing clients there is significant opportunity to leverage relationships for further growth. With around £2.5m of clients’ funds under management, there is an increasing opportunity to develop further services either internally or through collaboration. Ubiquity currently has partners working in the ‘hot topics’ in digital advertising such as video production, native advertising and programmatic advertising. There is also an opportunity to consolidate a fragmented market and Ubiquity is keen to work with an investment partner on a buy and build strategy.