The company was established in 2012 to focus on delivering fast and reliable business-grade services from superfast broadband to fully managed fibre optic leased lines.

Success Factor

Spectrum Internet has built a reputation for creative innovative solutions without compromising delivery on premium services. The company is an expert in providing high-speed, superfast and ultrafast services to businesses and residential buildings across the whole of South Wales and the South West of England. Not only does Spectrum Internet target ‘forgotten’ areas by larger ISP’s, it puts in the best possible solution with the investment available. Spectrum therefore doesn’t just consider innovation to be using new technology, but also how the technology can be used in a different way to benefit as a whole. Spectrum Internet is also highly focused on listening to customers compared to other major ISPs. Unlike other ISP’s, it puts the needs and requests of customers first. For many small communities, they still do not receive basic speeds and do not have the budget for more, so Spectrum prides itself on finding a service which answers the problems faced by these communities, no matter how big or small. To Spectrum, innovation isn’t just about using the newest technology - it’s about thinking about how it can use that technology in different ways.

The Future

The need for better internet services is growing rapidly and Spectrum believes it has future proof services to help businesses and residential customers. Working with the Welsh Government’s Broadband Support Scheme and part funding some of the infrastructure costs, Spectrum will continue to work with BT Openreach to run fibre to communities in South Wales and helping a growing number of not-spot communities that are currently on the wrong side of the digital divide. In rural areas where the terrain does not allow for standard broadband solutions, Spectrum will continue to develop bespoke solutions using microwave to the cabinet and Wi-Fi technologies to enable consumers to have access to significantly faster broadband speeds and not be left behind. Spectrum Internet will use the positive feedback it has had from customers and continue to increase market share in the areas they service i.e. encouraging prospective customers in its service areas to sign up for Spectrum Internet’s broadband packages and raising awareness for the benefits of using Spectrum Internet over the larger ISP’s. Following the success of its Monmouthpedia initiative Spectrum will be working with other Welsh cities and towns to roll out a pan-Wales service to provide free Wi-Fi in town centres and serve places of historical interest with QR code links to Wikipedia articles in any language. It will continue to work with Welsh businesses, government and communities to help lay down a better broadband network that will expand alongside future needs but is also affordable. It wants to continue to grow the brand and reputation of being a community ISP so that businesses and residential customers trust in a Welsh company offering them broadband services.