The motivation was driven by the general poor standard of after sales service and the onerous contracts and general low standard of account management in this industry. The founder – Vaughan Rawson - felt that some honesty and integrity was required in the industry and anticipated that the market could support some clarity and unambiguous contracts. That was easy to understand and had no hidden nasty surprises, additional charges and onerous termination clauses.

Success Factor

Key factors include hard work and total dedication to making sales, factored with many years of experience and long-term business connections and relationships, based on mutual trust. The company slogan is “delivering what we promise” and this is linked to its total dedication to looking after customers and delivering fast response times when machines required attention, quickly building a good reputation. It has won some major contracts with a number of blue chip companies and this has been a benefit in persuading other clients that the company is in a position to deliver and is able to support their business.

The Future

Rawson Digital is taking on a new business partner who has built a company that now has a turnover of £150 million. He and his associates will be mentoring the team and putting some processes in place to help with sustainable growth. New services will be added to the business along with some acquisitions. The business is growing its sales force and now has its own in-house service department.