The business was started by Andrew Hicks back in 2012. The business was born from the belief that he could do better, providing products with superior quality to the current products in the marketplace. Having experienced years in the manufacturing (and specifically attachments) industry over the past 30 years, he saw the opportunity to create a quality product that could be tailored to meet users’ specifications. With production-in house, he would be able to not only monitor quality control but be able to achieve significantly faster lead times for delivery when compared to rivals who relied on mass production and imported products.

Our main challenges when starting the business

A trusted name in the industry, the business has seen substantially growth from day one. Continued investment in the team, facilities and product range has seen the company exceed all growth expectations to date.

Success Factor

In addition to a high quality sales support team, Keen is built on key principles that set it apart from competitors. These include providing superior quality products, built to last as given the nature of the product range, they are used in demanding physical situations where time is money. Quality products provide clients with the reassurance that their down time will be reduced – saving not only time but money. In addition to its standard product range, the firm’s bespoke production facility and in-house design team allows them to develop new products, customise existing ones and personalise off-the-shelf products. This development alone has received massive interest, from a branding and security point of view. Finally, unlike its competitors, it has end-to-end facilities on site that provides experience in every aspect of the design and manufacturing process. As a result, the firm is able to provide unrivalled turnaround times even on bespoke products that usually carry significant extended lead times.

The Future

Keen has gone from strength to strength since its inception back in 2012. Staff number, facilities and product range have increased year on year. As a result, expansion plans are being reviewed early and it is currently evaluating and entering new areas of business including delivery of products into more European and International locations. In fact, interest in the product is reaching a global audience and products are currently shipped to numerous international destinations and are continuing to grow this market. The key market is here within the UK and with many products held in stock being despatched same or next day, Keen is continually developing its name, with brand recognition growing considerably through an online presence and prominence on social media channels. There is also continued investment in the business and new equipment and the training of staff to utilise this has been key to success to date. The firm has already grown out of its first premises and are soon to take on additional sites to support continued growth.