The motivation of the founder directors was to fill a skills gap in the UK market through identifying and recruiting a highly skilled and flexible work force that could meet demand. The business foundations have always been skilled labour provision and as the business has grown, this has led Voltcom into direct contracting and project management of construction projects too.

Our main challenges when starting the business

The main challenges to the business were the peaks and troughs around labour supply. These were driven by clients, often tier one contractors, who utilised Voltcom to cater for their own peaks and troughs. The firm diversified into direct contracting and has been awarded framework agreements that now give it planned and continuous income throughout a calendar year rather than daylight working months.

Success Factor

Voltcom’s growth has been due to its adaptability and moving from a sub contract labour provider to becoming a direct contractor. Innovation has also been important, especially in applying new practices and technology to conventional problems that has set Voltcom apart from competitors. Finally, focus, namely not being distracted from the core market opportunity that lies ahead.

The Future

To grow the business in the UK market in its core disciplines of Design, Project Management and Construction and to complement this with acquisitions that increase the share of wallet from its target customers in complimentary activities. Voltcom will also establish operations in the United Arab Emirates servicing the refurbishment requirements of their transmission and distribution networks.