The motivation was simple namely to establish and grow a high end Welsh building services provider with year on year growth, delivering building repairs through a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals, within specific market sectors demanding these higher levels of service such as Insurance, Social Housing, Business and Private Clients. In addition to this, the founders wanted to bring together professionals who were passionate about developing higher levels of service through their own personal development, something the company have invested heavily in and demonstrated by its recent success in achieving Investors in People and Chartered Building status.

Our main challenges when starting the business

The challenges have been around attracting the right calibre of people to join Camilleri Construction on its journey, something that gets easier as the business scales. The other challenges have been around developing its presence within crowded market spaces, which that has been made significantly easier through its relationship with independent business advisors.

Success Factor

There are several contributing factors, one of them being the company’s decision to engage with an independent business consultant over two years ago, Sproul and Partners. Through their guidance and market influence, it has been able to get its message out to a much wider audience, which in turn has created the opportunities that have supported growth. The company has stayed true to its core values of quality and service, and are now better equipped in engaging with prospective new clients and introducing them to Camilleri Construction and its philosophy.

The Future

Camilleri Construction has a clear 5-year growth strategy which will see it enter new market sectors within the building services industry. One of the clear targets is the Social Housing Sector, where it believes its service levels would be an advantage. In addition to this, the company intends growing its insurance repair sector at the higher value end of the market, known as major loss, as it aims to develop and establish its main contractor credentials on larger scale construction projects. With the support of its retained business consultants, it is also looking at similar parallel market sectors, and if there is opportunity, will be pursuing them over the next 5 years. i.e. Planned Maintenance contracts within commercial operations. The owners of Camillero Construction are adamant that growth will not be at the expense of the quality of service and workmanship that on which it prides itself.