Tatami Fightwear (Port Talbot)


Back in 2008, the founders Gareth and Lee were teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to children at a community project. Gareth had a penchant for getting the brightest and flashiest martial arts suits he could get from websites in Brazil and the USA. Parents of the children would come up to him and ask where their son could get a suit like that and he could see the disappointment on their faces when told they were from Brazil or the USA and would cost about £200. So when both founders were on a flight back from the European Championships in 2008, they agreed to establish a clothing company in the UK that could provide much better quality and designs that were currently seen in Europe. They started working on their first samples and the rest is history.

Success Factor

There are various factors that have led to the success of the business. The first is the growth of the sport in general has meant that there is a need for high quality and well priced products in the market. Next is providing the best level of service possible, as before Tatami was started, most companies were small businesses run from bedrooms. They changed the game by using Gareth’s retail experience to provide business and customers with a level of service and professionalism not seen before in the sport. Finally, they have an incredibly talented team of in house and freelance designers who have helped to create some of the most iconic products in the sport.

The Future

Tatami Fightwear aims to venture into different avenue of their sports such as event management and competitions. It also has plans to start importing some of the more sought after brands from the USA and Japan to make these available in their market here.